Is it just me or America seems to have a tough time pleasing all states, and all parties and all lobbyist and hardly ever come to an agreement in Congress? It is so refreshing to see a change such as this major ruling on carbon emission reduction from coal plants. And one that goes beyond CARBON TAX!

Now, one can argue that the economy of certain states may suffer, but Obama did leave it in the states' hands to come up with a suitable plan by 2016. Seems fair right? We ALL know how complex climate change is and even more so, climate change policy. If humans are the ones responsible, how much faith can we have in ourselves to quickly change for the best? Thus, it would be overzealous to expect every decision, especially an executive one, to come roses in hand with nothing to tweak, but many environmentalists are hailing this one as one for the books.

Certain pundits will be quick to shut down my naive love of this ruling but I am veryyyy happy to discuss and learn more on this. In the mean time, tap twice on the back of Obama and his administration.